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books by alane devotional finding hope Feb 23, 2023
Packing for the journey

Searching to Make Sense of the Suffering?

If your heart is hurting and you’re questioning the reason behind your deep sorrow, you can find hope by learning from someone else’s example.

  • Learn about the heartaches of 40 people from the Bible
  • See how their lives were changed and they found hope through an encounter with God
  • Contemplate how you can learn from their example
  • Find hope and encouragement in your own faith journey as you apply what you’ve learned to your own walk


In this un-dated devotional book you will find:

  • Scripture passages to inspire you
  • Questions to help you know your own heart
  • Steps for you to take on the bridge toward hope
  • Journaling space for your own deep thoughts and prayers


Here's What People are Saying!

“An uplifting devotional that offers a valuable reminder that hope can truly be found even when life is hard.”
—Susan Campbell, Author A Wild & Wonderful Life; Do You Like Peas? More Than You Imagine Ministries


“These wise writers prepare our generation for enduring the heartaches of our times with the eternal hope of the Lord.”
—Rev. Denise Nance Pierce, Associate Minister Greater Mount Zion Baptist Church, and Attorney at Law


“Powerful stepping stones for walking with God in our struggles.” — Patricia Lebo, author and poet

Having traversed their own tear-filled journeys of heartache, award-winning authors and speakers, Alane Pearce and Laura Savage-Rains will guide you along a well-worn trail they have forged for you through the Scriptures. These devotionals provide an intimate glimpse into the lives of 40 people in the Bible who also struggled through heartache toward hope. May their stories encourage your soul and embolden your faith as you travel your unique path, or help someone else, through this painful season of life.

There is light for each step ahead!

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